Bearing Repairs / Modifications

Bearing Tech Inc. can repair and rebuild bearings to return them to like new condition.

An excellent option for obsolete or rare and expensive bearings.For a fraction of the cost of new (in many cases) Bearing Tech will:

  • regrind and polish the races
  • replace or make new retainers
  • replace the balls with new steel or ceramic balls
  • test and re-fit internal clearances
  • re-match pairs as needed
  • re-lube and repair or replace the seals

Not all bearings can be repaired-some may be "beyond repair". Only after inspection will a bearing be accepted for repair, estimates are free.

We can modify bearings, both new and used.

  • Add snap ring groove
  • Counterbore lands (angular contact)
  • Taper bore
  • Change retainer material
  • Bore ID
  • Regrind OD
  • Regrind width
  • Add loading notch
  • Change ball count


BRM 1-1
BRM 1-2
BRM 1-3
BRM 1-4
BRM 1-5
BRM 1-6