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Here are a few applications where we've help our clients succeed:

Hi Terry

Well what a year this has been!

Still getting great performance and reliability from your bearings and the results speak for themselves!

1st Queensland State Title.
1st New South Wales State Title.
2nd Victorian State Title.
1st 07/08 South Coast Speedway Kart Club Championship.
1st 07/08 Surfair Motor Sports Club Championship.

and the cream on top of the cake -

2nd in our Australian National Championship

like I said, what a year!

We are in our off season, so I am rebuilding for 2009, so will you please send me 2 sets of 8304C with the poly cage.

I also want to run ceramics on my rear axle which is 30mm diameter. I am currently running NSK UB206. Will you please let me know if they are available and the total cost and I will send over my account details again.

Thanks Nev

WRH ATVA National Race Team - Ceramic Engine & Bogie Bearings!

Hello, I would like you to meet the WRH ATVA National Race Team.

Hunter Harper from Marshall Texas is 15 years old. He is currently 2nd in the 90 CVT (8-15) class on his 90 Apex with 5 podium finishes this year, 3 of them being 1st place. He also races the Super Mini (12-15) class and is currently in 9th place. This is his first year on the shifter and is adjusting well.

Erik Havert is from Wolcottville Indiana and is 10 years old. He is racing 3 classes this year. 2 on his 90 CVT (8-15) Kasea and 1 on his 70 CVT Kasea. He is currently 2nd in the 70 (6-11)CVT class with 3 podium finishes all 3 being 1st place. The 90 automatic jr (8-11) class he is currently in 2nd place with 4 podium finishes. In the 90 CVT class Erik is currently in 8th place.

Brandon Smitley is from Fairchance Pennsylvania and is 11 years old. Brandon has only been able to make a few of the Nationals this year but has made the podium in the 90 jr class. He is racing his 90 CVT Kasea in 2 classes, the 90 automatic jr class and the 90 CVT class.

All 3 of these boys are running WRH Racing engines with a great outcome. They all have a goal in mind and work well on the track together. All of our engines are using your bearings to help get us to the top. Podiums and overall finishes speak wonders for your product.

Mike & Jeff Warrne's Championship snowmobile - Ceramic Engine & Bogie Bearings!

NDSU Sunsetter solar powered race car - Ceramic Wheel Bearings

Finished 2003 Solar Challenge 1st in Class!

NDSU Sunsetters -

Jennifer Davidson's KX125cc - Ceramic Engine & Wheel Bearings

I've noticed a significant increase in performance since converting to the ceramic bearings.

John Donnelly's diesel 4x4 - Obsolete transmission bearings

Steve Beal's 1964 4x4 - Obsolete axle bearings

Master Tune Racing's 140mph Carts - Ceramic Engine & Wheel Bearings

Tom Miller's Trans-Am Car "Moosetang" - Ceramic Transmission & Wheel Bearings

1908 White Steam Car - All Ball Bearing Crankshaft - 1 of 2 known to exist! - Bearings

James Mann 2003 Indoor ICE Champion - 500cc Jawa - Ceramic Engine & Wheel Bearings

Coolskunk Kyds Racing Team uses Bearing Tech Ceramic Bearings - Go Karts Go!

Greg Idler's 1980 Lamborghini Countach - Clutch Bearing & Cam Tower Bearings

(Pictured with Ron Hyde's Pantera)